safety coordinators (SIGEKO)

Areas of Application:

  • Harbor and deposition site operators
  • Cooperation of the fields of dredging and hydraulic engineering
  • Authorities and administrative bodies

Service Profile:

According to the legal guidelines of occupational safety at construction sites (RAB) as well as building site regulations we are offering the following safety-related supervision:

  • Prior notices to competent authorities
  • Development and extension of health and safety plans
  • Coordination and supervision on construction sites
  • Documentation and controlling of safety measures 
  • Effectiveness reviews
  • Participation and supervision during on-site meetings

Additional Services:

  • Development, adjustment and extension of risk assessments
  • Provision of health and safety coordinators
  • Consultation and Instruction of project members

Our coordinators come with all relevant offshore certificates. They have corresponding nautical experience and extensive construction site experience.